About DPH

Зав. кафедри професор Хома О. І.Oleg Khoma - Doctor of sciences in philosophy (since 1999), Professor (since 2003), Head of the Department of Philosophy and Humanities Vinnytsia National Technical University (since 2004), founder and chairman of the Modern philosophy’s research group (Pascal's Society), organization affiliated with the Ukrainian Philosophical Fund (since 1999), Director of Centre for studies in history of philosophy «Renatus» (since 2011). Visiting Professor at the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (2001-2005) and Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (since 2006). Translator of many philosophical texts from French and Latin and the author of the comments on them, one of the translators and editors of "European dictionary philosophies" in Ukrainian version

2000 founded the first in Ukraine historical and philosophical journal «Sententiae»

2001 was awarded the Programme for Support for publishing "Scovoroda", carried out by the French Embassy and the French Institute in Ukraine (for the translation and publication of Jean-Jacques Rousseau treatise "The Social Contract, or Principles of Political Right")

2011 received a special award Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation for Promotion of philosophical commentary

1998, 2004, 2009 received a grant of the French National Center for Book on translations and studies in France.

Research areas: scholastic philosophy, the philosophy of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries., Contemporary French philosophy, neperekladnist philosophical terms, Ukrainian philosophical terminology

Main publications


Truth and evidence: symptomatological thinking in Modern Philosophy (1998)
Comments and notes on Pascal’s "Pens?es" (2009, co-authored with E. Chukhray)
Comments notes and bibliographic materials to work Pinkersa S. "Sources of Christian morality" (2013, co-authored with E. Chukhray)
(ed.) Descartes’ "Meditations" in the mirror of modern interpretations: Jean-Marie Beyssade, Jean-Luc Marion, Kim Sang Ong-Van-Cung (2013)


Living God and theodicy (1995, in Ukr.)
The problem of evidence in Cartesianism (1996, in Ukr.)
Nietzsche and Schizoanalysis (1997, in Ukr.)
Pascal about justice : power , machinery, structures (Duh i litera. – 1997. - № 1-2, P. 282-291; in Rus.)
Myths about Pascal: the Problem of the Directions’ Variety in XVII сentury Philosophy (1997, in Rus.)
J.-J. Rousseau’s Treatise on the Social Contract (1999, in Ukr.)
Pascal’s Texts: the type of the narrative instance, the status of Truth, the topic of nuance (2000, in Ukr.)
François Poullain de la Barre and Modern Philosophy (2001, in Ukr.)
Modern heritage of the contemporary tolerance (2002, in Ukr.)
Alain Touraine and the resuscitation of philosophy (2003, in Ukr.)
Justification of the new French translation of Cartesian «Meditationes»: Ukrainian parallels (2005, in Ukr.)
Leibniz’ Terminology as a living Mirror of Ukrainian philosophical terminology (2008, in Ukr.)
Cartesian topics in the work of Pascal: Modern Pascal’s Studies and stereotypes (2008, in Ukr.)
Pensées and Hermeneutics : philosophical significance of the new Pascal’s apologetics (2009, in Ukr.)
Philosophical translation and philosophical community (2010, FD, in Ukr.)
Philosophical cultures: tolerance and Recognition (2011, Voprosy filosofii; in Rus.)
Anima / animus, animus / mens: accumulation of untranslatability (2010, Sententiae; in Ukr.)
Ingenium and deductive method of Descartes (2010, Sententiae; in Ukr.)
The Thomas Aquinas Doctrine on the background of Ukrainian history of philosophy (in Ukr.,forew. in A. Baumeister Thomas Aquinas: an introduction to thinking. God, life and learning. – Kyiv. Duh i litera, 2012, P. 9-14; in Ukr.)
Descartes and Pascal : the way to philosophy on the background of the Grand Siècle (in 2012, in Ukr.)
Apercevoir, perceptio and perception: the problem of Descartes’ auto-translation (2012, Sententiae; in Ukr.)

Translations and commentaries

Pascal B. Works, in 3 vols. (Kiev, 1994–1997, in Rus.)
Foucault M. The history of sexuality III: The Care of the Self (Kiev, Moscow, 1998, in Rus., in coop. with T. Titova)
Rousseau J.-J. The Social Contract, or Principles of Political Right (Kyiv, 2001, in Ukr.)
Malebranche N. The Search after Truth, vols. 1-2 (Kyiv, 2001, in Ukr.)
Balandier G. Political Anthropology (Kyiv, 2002, in Ukr., in coop. with O. Goudjin)
Revel J.-F. Democracy Against Itself (Kyiv, 2003, in Ukr., in coop. with Z. Borisyuk)
Deleuze G. Nietzsche and Philosophy (Moscow, 2004, in Rus. )
Condorcet About Elections (Lviv, 2004, in Ukr.)
Poullain de la Barre F. On the Equality of the two Sexes (Kyiv, 2006, in Ukr.)
Leibniz G.W. Principles of Nature and Grace ... (Kyiv, 2008, in Ukr., Ed.)
Pascal B. Pensées (Kyiv, 2009, in Ukr., in coop. with A. Perepadia)
Pinckaers S. Sources of Christian Ethics (Kyiv, 2013, in Ukr., Ed.)
Leibniz G.W. Monadology (Vinnitsa, 2013, in Ukr., Ed.)
Descartes R. Meditations on First Philosophy / Metaphysical Meditation (Kyiv, 2014, in Ukr., in coop. with A. Baumeister)